Bring Them In: Greenhouse Materials for Your Grow

While many gardeners may think that winter effectively ends the growing season, there are other ways to keep on growing–including Greenhouse options for your home and garden.

How to Grow Heirloom Snap Peas

Have you ever wanted to bring peas into your garden? Check out this handy guide for all the how-to knowledge on growing this awesome veggie.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Garden Shed

Have rodents invaded your outdoor spaces over the winter? Use these tips to clear them out in time for spring!

Mycorrhizae: The Secret to Soil Success

Check out how mycorrhizae help plants grow, and get your own beneficial buddies for your garden with the help of DYNOMYCO!

Start it Up: Plant Propagation for Beginners

Don’t know how to propagate, or just want a refresh? We’ve got all you need to get your new plants started right here in this handy guide!

How to Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a fun and rewarding growing experience for any level of gardener, and heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, and Oxheart Pink can be especially satisfying to grow. Read on for our best tips and tricks for heirloom tomatoes!

5 Tips for Indoor Plant Care During the Winter

Ever wondered what it takes to care for your indoor plants when the seasons change? Check out our tips to keep your in-house plants green during cold months!

Get a Fresh Start with our New Year Garden Checklist

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for a new to-do list! Check out this cheat sheet of all the things you’ll want to get done to make sure your garden starts off the year strong.

Looking Back on Your Year in the Garden

We love to get our hands into the soil, but it’s just as important to reflect on your successes and learn from your mistakes. Ask yourself these important questions at the end of the growing season!

Feeding Time: The Best Products for Amending Your Soil

Winter is soil season, and we’ve got a list chock-full of the best soil additives to make sure that your grow thrives come springtime!

How to Winterize, Solarize, and Overwinter Your Garden

Learn how to care for your garden through the end of the year by winterizing, solarizing, and overwintering!

Come in from the Cold with These Indoor Grow Products

Bundle up and bring your grow indoors this winter with these tried and true products!

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