Every gardener knows that the key to growing healthy plants starts with creating ideal growing conditions for thriving plant life. With GardenTap’s propagation supplies, seedlings and plant cuttings are provided the perfect environment to encourage root growth. The process starts with the IHORT Propagation Grow Kit, a helpful starter pack that includes 50 Q-Plugs and a propagation tray. Refill propagation trays with replacement Q-Plugs, available in 50 count and 72 count bags. The plugs nurture cultivating seedlings by providing excellent water control and aeration – a perfect environment to create strong roots. When it’s time to transfer new plants into the ground, Garden Tap has you covered. With a variety of supplies, GardenTap makes plant propagation simple – in no time at all, your garden will be overflowing with lush, hardy plants.

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Clonex Rooting Gel 15 Milliliter Package, Shown from the front
Clonex Rooting Gel
Jump Start seedling heat mat, angled view with printed instructions, transparent background
Seedling Heat Mat
Ihort QPlugs refill bag, with a sample plug next to it, helps build a strong foundation for plants
IHORT Propagation 40/40 Q Plug® – 50 CT BAG
Ihort QPlug 50-count Propagation Kit, shown with plugs in the carrier tray and 2 plugs in front
IHORT Propagation 40/40 Q Plug® – 50 CT Grow Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Plant Propagation Supplies

How does plant propagation work?
When planting seedlings or plant cuttings in the ground, gardeners are at the mercy of mother nature and soil conditions. Weather conditions, soil temperature, and common garden pests all threaten a newly established seedling. With the right plant propagation supplies, you can start plants in a safe and controlled environment, closely monitor root growth, and establish a healthy foundation for your plants. When these sprouts are ready to be transplanted, their growth within the propagation tray allows them to develop strong, deep roots for maximum nutrient absorption and protection.
What are the conditions that help seedlings grow in plant propagation trays?
Plant propagation starts with the right tools and ideal growing conditions. When gardeners use the IHORT Propagation Grow Kit, newly growing seeds receive excellent soil aeration and superb water retention to stimulate root growth. When you receive a set of Q-plugs, soak the material for 24 hours in water or a propagation solution. Following the soak, insert the plugs into your propagation tray and prepare your plant cuttings or seeds. Poke toothpick-sized holes in the plugs to deposit seeds. Pop in the seeds or plant clippings and wait for growth to start!
How can you transplant seedlings with plant propagation tools?
One of the benefits of propagation trays is the easy transplanting process, with as few limitations as possible. When your plant has outgrown the tray, you’ll see strong root growth at the bottom of the plug. From here, gardeners can transfer the plug into their new home, allowing new plants to continue to grow deep and thrive. If you’re transferring propagation plants from the indoors to outdoors, consider gradual exposure to outdoor conditions before transplanting seedlings into the ground. A sudden change from the consistent temperatures of an indoor environment to the ever-changing weather patterns of the outdoors can cause young plants to fail to thrive. You can increase your plants ability to adapt to these changing conditions by bringing your propagation tray outside for a few hours each day and back inside at night. Increase the amount of time spent outside each day over a period of a week or two and this will allow your seedlings to adjust gradually. Once you’re confident that seedlings from the plant propagation tray are strong and the soil conditions are right, insert the plug straight into the ground and secure it with dirt. It’s that easy! You can also supplement the soil with the right GardenTap plant fertilizers. For increased essential oil production, consider adding Aurora Innovations Roots Organics Surge. Or, to enhance the growth of your plants in the vegetative phase, opt for Green Planet Nutrients Vitathrive, which provides plants with vitamins that promote healthy stalks and stems.
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