Feeding Time: The Best Products for Amending Your Soil

As planting time approaches, it’s the perfect time to amend your soil. This practice improves the overall condition of the soil, enhances its ability to support plant roots, and encourages healthy, robust growth–that’s a whole lotta words to say: it’s good for your grow. Amending in the winter gives your soil more time to establish beneficial microbial networks and recharge with essential nutrients so you’ll be ready to welcome your new plants in the spring. 

If you’re ready to set your plants up for success, check out these products that work together to kick your soil into shape:

Geoflora Nutrients

Let’s start with the basics. Organic fertilizer is the way to go if you want to amend your soil in the winter so that it’s recharged with all the essential nutrients your grow needs in time for spring, and no one does it better than Geoflora Nutrients. Whether you’re growing vegetables or medicinal herbs, you can be sure that your plants will have everything they need to thrive. 

Geoflora also comes with a boost of beneficial bacteria to help establish a robust microbial network in the soil to support your plants in the breakdown of complex nutrients. Heck yeah!


DYNOMYCO is a top-quality mycorrhizal inoculant that supercharges a plant’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients in the soil. So what the heck does that mean? This product is a highly concentrated amendment that contains the spores you need to get beneficial fungi into your grow. Mycorrhizae connect to the roots of your plants and form a symbiotic relationship, helping with the uptake and breakdown of complex nutrients, and are an essential part of a successful grow.

DYNOMYCO is an excellent choice for amending your soil in the winter because it gives your soil time to establish a beneficial microbial network for plant roots to tap into come spring.


ECOMAX is a slow-release, neem-derived, organic nutrient that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients, and trace micronutrients. If you’re looking to support plant nutrition and improve soil health, look no further!

ECOMAX also produces organic acids over time with rich microbial activity, which reduces the alkalinity of the soil and creates a perfect environment for great nutrient uptake. This makes it one of the most versatile organic growing products available and a super beneficial amendment to your soil.

Earth Alive Soil Activator

Let’s put this simply: Earth Alive Soil Activator boosts yields by increasing the availability of nutrients in the soil. How does Earth Alive accomplish this magic? It’s composed of a blend of naturally occurring soil microorganisms and forestry by-products that release nutrients from organic matter, boost nitrogen levels, solubilize phosphorus, and improve micronutrient availability. Your plants will have access to a whole buffet of powerful nutrients to help them grow!

It’s important to take steps ahead of time to ensure that your plants have all the nutrients possible, and Earth Alive Soil Activator is the ace up your sleeve to get this done.

Well Fed

By taking the time in the colder winter months to amend your soil, you can create a more nurturing environment to ensure that your hungry plants thrive in the spring. When you use the products above, your plants will thank you with more vigorous growth and greater yields come harvest time.

Be sure to check out our blog post How to Winterize, Solarize, and Overwinter Your Garden for more tips on preparing your soil for the next growing season.

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