So you’ve got plants in the ground and now it’s time to grow! There’s nothing else to worry about, right? Wrong! Garden pests are the bane of growers everywhere, whether you garden outside or have indoor grows or greenhouses. Bugs like Colorado potato beetles, tomato hornworms, and squash bugs are just some of the pest species you might see in your grow. With a hunger for young seedlings and vegetable crops, you can be sure to find these insect pests in your garden, where they’ll suck plant juices, damage plant roots, and kill your young plants. So how do we get rid of pests in the garden and prevent infestations in the future? Easy peas-y! GardenTap has pest management solutions to fit into every integrated pest management system and every type of grow. With the right approach, your vegetable crops and ornamental plants will be safe again! Make getting your garden back under control easy and simple with GardenTap. Integrated pest management is the best way to keep critters in your garden in check, and involves multiple approaches to a pest-free garden, including various methods of cultural, biological, and chemical controls used to combat insect pests. Most successful pest management systems include a combination of methods! GardenTap has all the products you need to prevent pests and manage infestations in your garden.

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Gallon jug of SNS 209 pest control
SNS 209 Systemic Pest Control
Pint bottle of SNS 217c spider mite control
SNS 217C Spider Mite Control
Quart bottle of SNS 244c fungicide
SNS 244C Fungicide
Quart spray bottle of SNS DC disease control
SNS DC Disease and Fungal Control RTU
Pint bottle of SNS 209 pest control
SNS PC Organic Pesticide RTU
Sticky Traps package of 12 cards, non toxic houseplant pesticide
Summit® Sticky Traps for Houseplants
Guard 'n Spray® Insecticide
Guard ‘n Spray® Insecticide
ECOWORKS EC in the 2.5 gallon size is an OMRI-Listed 4-in-1 organic pesticide
ECOWORKS EC™ 4-in-1 Pesticide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pest Management & Related Products

How do I know if I have insect pests in the garden?
It’s often easy to tell that you have an insect pest infestation in your garden. Evidence such as damage to plant tissues, weakened plant stems, and slowed plant growth are just the start. Sometimes, garden pests can completely defoliate plants! If you’d like to check your plants for pests, look in telltale areas for signs of critters–on the underside of leaves is the most common place to find pests like spider mites, thrips, and more!
How do I prevent garden pests?
Prevention is the first step to ensuring your garden stays pest-free. Consider employing a pesticide like Sierra Natural Science 209. With a zero-day re-entry interval and a proven track-record of being kid and pet safe, you can’t go wrong! Just apply SNS 209 as part of your regular maintenance to help prevent new pest infestations.
What kinds of bugs affect houseplants?
House plants are affected by insect pests as badly, and often worse, than outdoor gardens are! Whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, and fungus gnats are just a few of the pests that can hitch a ride into your home and camp out on your precious houseplants. Plant parents beware!
How do I get rid of Spider Mites?
Spider mites can be a tough pest to get rid of. They are extremely small, multiply very quickly, and can easily be missed when you treat and wash plants. If you’re facing spider mite infested plants, whether they are broad mites, twospotted spider mites, brown spider mites, or red spider mites, get a bottle of Sierra Natural Science 217. Specially formulated to eradicate spider mites, this awesome pesticide still boasts the same benefits of the rest of the SNS line, including zero-day re-entry and safe for use around kids and pets.
How do I get rid of Aphids?
Aphids are some of the worst vampires of the garden, punching holes in your precious vegetable crops and sucking plant juices from the stems, effectively draining and killing your plants! While you can always buy yourself some beneficial insects like ladybugs to eat up green peach aphids, cotton aphids, and cabbage aphids, Sierra Natural Science and Ecoworks EC pesticides are another viable option for clearing your grow of these insect pests.
How do I get rid of Caterpillars?
Caterpillars are the larval stage of butterflies and moths, and as hungry growing youngsters, they can make a mess of your plants! Common garden pest caterpillars include tomato hornworms, squash vine borers, and cabbage loopers. The best method for controlling infestations of these baby buggers is to pick them off one by one–or treat your plant with Ecoworks EC! Ecoworks employs the natural protection of neem oil to dry, starve, and kill off unwanted pests.
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