With seeds sown and plants flourishing, it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor with harvest season! Managing crop yields can be hard work, but, with GardenTap’s collection of durable harvesting tools, you’ll be able to confidently collect your crops.

Consider the Harvest More Trim Bin Kit, a handy workspace for trimming and processing. This trim bin kit is unique—the two-part system includes a top tray to store the harvest and a stainless steel screen filter that collects pollen at the bottom.

Or, if you’re looking to preserve crops, GardenTap products help support your process. The Flower Tower Dry Rack has two options: an enclosed tower to keep out pests, dust, or pollen and a lightweight open drying rack. Both of these racks can rotate from top to bottom, so gardeners can quickly maximize airflow and drying capabilities.

With easy, top-of-the-line products like these, GardenTap will have your harvest ready for distribution in no time!

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Heavy Duty Turkey Bags from Left Coast
Bigfoot Bags®
Pair of Straight tip stainless steel Fiskars scissors with spring assisted opening.
Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruning Snips
Grasshopper handheld harvesting and packing tool.
The Harvest More Scissor Scrubber can clean your scissors in seconds without a mess
Harvest More® Scissor Scrubber
Left Coast Turkey Bags Tote Liners fits 27-35 gallon totes and bins
Left Coast Turkey Bags® Tote Liner
The Harvest More Trim Bin Set, which includes an interchangeable 150-micron steel screen
Harvest More Trim Bin Kit
The Harvest More Trim Bin Bottom Bin, which offers is excellent for gardeners doing wet work
Harvest More® Trim Bin Bottom Bin
Harvest More Trim Bin Replacement Screen 150 Micron to capture finer particles
Harvest More Trim Bin Replacement Screen – 150 Micron
Harvest More Trim Bin Replacement Screen 220 Micron to capture larger particles
Harvest More® Trim Bin Replacement Screen – 220 Micron
The Harvest More Trim Bin Static Brush can be used to sweep up pollen
Harvest More® Trim Bin Static Brush
The Harvest More Trim Bin Filter offers the quickest way to trim and sort product
Harvest More Trim Bin Filter
Left Coast Turkey Bags, here in the 12-count, 18 x 24-inch size, are made of triple-layer nylon
Left Coast Turkey Bags® 18″ x 24″

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Harvest Tools & Related Products

How do these products assist with crop collection?

Whether farmers need to quickly gather garden produce, trim plants, bag excess clippings, or hang products to dry, GardenTap harvest tools support a seamless and customized collection process.

When it’s time to measure out crops for bagging, use the Grasshopper to save time weighing and bagging crops. At the same time, Left Coast Turkey Bags will protect your harvest from moisture and oxygen damage. Turkey Bags can be attached straight to the Grasshopper for efficient deposits of crops into protected storage.

When ready to clean up, gardeners can use the Harvest More Scissor Scrubber to clean garden scissors and shears of sticky substances and grime.

What types of crops work best with GardenTap’s harvesting tools?

GardenTap’s harvesting tools work well for any type of crops. Whether you’re harvesting fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, medicinal herbs, or even grass to produce hay, GardenTap’s products will help with any task on the farm or in the garden.

The Harvest Bundle will help gardeners with every collection task, from gathering and trimming product in Harvest More Trim Bin to managing humidity exposure during storage with Boveda Humidity Control Packs.

Which products help with harvesting herbs and spices?

Collecting herbs and spices from the garden can be tricky – that’s why GardenTap has exclusive products specifically for yielding the highest quantity of crops.

The Trimbag Dry Trimmer is a bladeless bag that can efficiently trim products like medicinal herbs with minimal effort. In fifteen minutes, the harvest produce is cut and ready for distribution.

This is the right tool for gardeners who want to make quick work of harvesting – the bag holds 2 pounds of product, and with a couple of shakes and tumbles, your crop is cut and ready to go.

The lightweight Harvest More Trim Bin Static Brush helps gardeners collect pollen, gather spices, or sweep up small particles in the Harvest More Trim Bottom Bin. With the handy sorting screen at its base to help quickly separate out unwanted sizes or materials, you’ll reach maximum efficiency!

How can I purchase replacement parts?

GardenTap offers multiple replacement parts for our collection of harvest tools and products. Gardeners will never have to purchase an entire kit again for extra tools.

If the stainless steel screen on the Harvest More Trim Bin becomes damaged, there are two possible replacements: the 150 Micron Screen and 220 Micron Screen. In addition, a second Trim Bin Static Brush is available individually for $4.99 at GardenTap, for increased efficiency in collecting small particles.

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