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How To Care for Your Garden After Harvest

Harvest season is coming to a close, and you may be wondering what it takes to get your garden settled in for winter. Check out these tips to keeping your garden space clean, nourished, and happy!

Seasonal Recipe: Spooky Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Got pumpkins? Then we’ve got the recipe for you! Use up those beautiful orange autumn staples in your cauldron this season with this yummy vegan soup recipe!

3 Time-Tested Ways to Preserve Your Harvest

Check out some tried and true methods for preserving your harvested goods.

How NOT to Harvest: An Illustrated Guide

Want to avoid potential damage, injury, or shame? Heed our advice!

A Complete Guide to Composting at Home

Ever wondered what it takes to set up a compost bin in your own yard? Take a look at these top things to know when composting at home!

Pump Up the Volume: Bud-Bulking Nutrients for the Bloom Stage

As your plants’ personal trainer, it’s up to you to push them to the limits of their potential with nutrients designed to pump them up!

Liquid Bloom Boosters: Hydroponic Nutrients for the Flowering Phase

Liquid bloom boosters can be confusing, and we want to take the mystery out of supplementing your grow. Read on to learn about our favorite hydroponic bloom boosters!

How Wildfire Smoke and Ash Affects Your Garden

Does Wildfire Smoke Damage Your Plants? We’ve studied the research and we’re ready to share our findings with you.

Boost Your Flowering Stage with Geoflora BLOOM

The flowering stage is vital to a great harvest, and Geoflora BLOOM has your back with an organic fertilizer built to boost your plant’s flower and fruit development.

Choose the Right Composting Method for You

There are many ways to compost, so how do you choose between them? Read on to discover the different methods and why gardeners pick them.

6 Tips on Starting and Supporting Clones

Whether you’ve cloned your plants before or are just trying it out for the first time, check out these handy tips for creating successful clones!

Break it Down: The Many Benefits of Composting

Many gardeners love composting, but have you ever wondered why? Take a look at the incredible benefits composting can bring to your grow!

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