Nurture your plants, herbs, and vegetables to their full potential, year-round, with GardenTap’s greenhouse supplies and accessories. Create the perfect conditions to meet the growing needs of your seeds and leafy green vegetables, at affordable prices, with our stock of greenhouse accessories. Get shade cloth, greenhouse material, and any privacy screening to make your environment look more like professional garden centers than at-home gardens. Select the right size, material, and transmission rate of your greenhouse—fit for any season and price range. With fast shipping and affordable prices, you can shop based on your growing method, growth phase, and grow location. Successfully grow organic, conventional, soil-based, or hydroponic plants, and watch them thrive with GardenTap’s greenhouse supplies. Start growing today!

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Outside view of Sungrower Supply Blackout poly on a greenhouse frame
Pre Cut 6 Mil Poly – Blackout Non-Woven Non-Breathable
Close up of Sungrower greenhouse poly, which keeps plants warm and energy costs low
Duraweave 150 – 8 Mil Poly – 88% Light Transmission
Close up of Sungrower greenhouse poly, which keeps plants warm and energy costs low
Duramax 200 – 12 Mil Poly – 85% Light Transmission
A greenhouse covered with 40% shade cloth to help plants grow faster and stay healthier
40% Shade Cloth
Close up shows a durable privacy fencing roll with reinforced hem and grommets for easy installation
Privacy Fencing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Greenhouse Supplies

What Are the Materials Needed to Build a Greenhouse?
A greenhouse with all the necessary supplies and accessories has many benefits for your garden. Some of the most widely used materials and items needed to build a greenhouse are:
  • Greenhouse coverings with various transmission rates that allow you to make adjustments for different seasons
  • A greenhouse shade cloth for when the light is too bright
  • Private fencing to prevent animals from wandering into your greenhouse
  • Various pillars and supports
Plants thriving inside a greenhouse covered by Sungrower Greenhouse Poly, available in several pre-cut sizes You can shop all these materials and more to meet your growing needs, no matter what you’re growing or your growing method, at GardenTap.
What Type of Garden Can You Plant in a Greenhouse?
Greenhouses are usually at the top of any gardener’s wish list. They shield your garden from the outside environment, so plants can grow no matter the seasonal change, inclement weather, and outside threats. Some of the benefits of a greenhouse include:
  • Extend the growing season beyond what the natural elements allow with greenhouse covers
  • Prevent damage from excessive heat or cold
  • Change and regulate the temperature to an ideal level Protect from pests and other diseases
A Sungrower Greenhouse Poly on a greenhouse with plants flourishing in a GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed GardenTap offers various products with fast shipping, so you can make growing anything in your greenhouse as easy as possible. Grow tomatoes, root veggies, squash, herbs, leafy greens, hemp, flowers, and more. Create the greenhouses of your dreams at an affordable price, and join our community of gardeners today!
How Do You Use a Greenhouse to Grow Plants Year-Round?
First and foremost, a greenhouse provides a stable environment and consistent conditions that plants need to thrive. In contrast, planting outdoors exposes your plants to inclement weather and changing seasons. Usually, that’s just fine because native plants and flowers are hearty and have mechanisms that help them survive in their natural climates. However, if you plan to grow plants from other climates or simply want plants and flowers to thrive in the off-season, then a greenhouse is the ideal space for year-round growing. Greenhouses, supported by the right materials and accessories, can help you get the right light and shade levels and create ideal conditions for plants that love heat, allowing you to cultivate whatever plants your heart desires. Because you control the structure of the greenhouse, you can make the adjustments necessary for your plants to thrive. A Sungrower Greenhouse Poly cover on a greenhouse with plants flourishing in a GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed
How Much Does a Greenhouse Cost?
The cost of your greenhouse build varies based on materials, design, structure, location, and more. It’s not uncommon for the average greenhouse to hit around $15,000. On the other hand, a smart, cost-effective greenhouse can cost as low as $2,500. Discover cost-effective options for your build right here at GardenTap! Outside view of Sungrower Supply Blackout poly on a greenhouse frame
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