Mycorrhizae: The Secret to Soil Success

Gardeners always want to get the very best out of their grow, and many turn to additives called mycorrhizae for help. These beneficial fungi break down nutrients and make them more readily absorbable by the roots, boosting plant yields and overall health. Our favorite mycorrhizal inoculant is DYNOMYCO, a top-quality amendment that establishes a network of organisms to ensure your plant has everything it needs to thrive. 

Read on to discover how mycorrhizae help plants reach their full potential. 

A Closer Look at Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that colonize the root systems of plants. Once in the plant’s root zone, they form a web of connections between roots, gather nutrients from the plant, and provide sugars that the plant can’t produce by itself. This exchange creates a symbiotic relationship between the fungi and the host plant. Sharing is caring!

Beneficial Fungi

Mycorrhizae in your grow provide a host of benefits to their plant host (see what we did there?), including:

Increased Uptake

Because mycorrhizae extend the plant’s root zone, your green buddies will have access to a whole lotta goodies previously out of reach. The increase of root surface area that comes from a healthy mycorrhizal colony can result in anywhere from 10 to 1000 times the absorption capacity. Woah!

Chemical Availability

Sometimes, nutes are just plain chemically unavailable to your plants. This isn’t a problem with the help of mycorrhizae! These friendly little guys especially help with phosphorus; on its own, a plant can uptake about 15% of the phosphorus in its fertilizer. With mycorrhizae, the amount of usable phosphorus goes up to 90%. Mind BLOWN.

Boosted Yield, Vigor, and Health

The incredible increase in available nutrients, especially phosphorus, lends the plant some stunning results aboveground. Plants that can fully utilize the nutrients in their soil with the help of mycorrhizae show a 10-40% increase in yield, stronger stems and stalks, better color, and an overall increase in health and vigor. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

gardener pouring dynomyco into a fabric pot filled with soilDYNOMYCO, our Go-To Inoculant!

Mycorrhizae have an incredible impact on the plants they colonize, which is why growers seek out products to make adding these fungi to their garden easy. Cultivators can obtain mycorrhizae in various ways, but our favorite by far is with the mycorrhizal inoculant DYNOMYCO. DYNOMYCO has a guaranteed concentration of spores, hyphae, and root fragments that ensure colonization. It is formulated with stress-resistant strains that will survive until incorporated into the soil. Soil inoculants like DYNOMYCO make it easier to ensure the concentration of spores, proper distribution of propagules, and successful colonization of the root system. That’s a whole lotta words to say that it’s gonna work, but trust us when we say: IT’S GONNA WORK!

Get Growing with Mycorrhizae

It’s easy to see why mycorrhizae have become so popular with gardeners over the years. With these beneficial fungi to naturally bolster plant health and production, your plants will thrive like never before! If you’d like to add the power of mycorrhizae to your grow, be sure to check out DYNOMYCO for an easy-to-use option for your plants!

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