So, you’re planting vegetables, herbs, and sprouts! If you don’t have the space to put your garden in the ground, you’ll need to look at pots and planters. How do you know what type of pot to use for your plants? Choosing a pot or planter is a big part of setting up your grow, and there are a lot of factors to consider. Plastic pots are a readily available option, but they can make it hard to grow healthy plants. Regular plastic pots and clay pots retain excess water which leads to root rot, and can cause plants to become root bound. One way to ensure your plants grow healthy and strong is to utilize fabric plant pots! Fabric pots and planters offer many benefits, including proper drainage of excess water, breathable fabric for air pruning, and better temperature control of the root zone. If you want to grow healthy plants with robust root balls and strong stalks and stems, fabric pots are the way to go to ensure a healthy root zone for optimal plant growth. Like the idea of all the benefits of a fabric pot, but want a larger raised bed? No problem! GeoPlanter has many size options of fabric raised garden beds available. These instant garden beds allow any enterprising gardener to set up a raised bed in just minutes, and then reap the benefits of air pruning and superior durability and drainage! GardenTap offers a variety of fabric planters, raised beds, fabric pots, and grow bags to suit any garden or planting style, from the handy and transportable GeoPot Fabric Pot with Handles, to the easy-to-build GeoPlanter.

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G-Lite® XL Fabric Pot Gray
Thriving plants grow inside a GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed, which enables air-pruning of roots
GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed
Four 4-way PVC fitting pieces that attach Trellis Netting kits to GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds
GeoPlanter® Fitting – 3-Way, 4-Way, or 5-Way 3/4″ PVC Connector
Trellis Netting kit package shown with 4 PVC fitting attachments and twist ties
Sungrower® Trellis Kit
An empty GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed shows how it can be easily outfitted with top netting using Trellis Kit
GeoPlanter® Fabric Raised Bed with Trellis Kit
A black GeoPot Fabric Pot, built to be sturdy and withstand challenging climates
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Black
A black GeoPot Fabric Pot with Velcro Seam that makes root ball removal simple
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Black with Velcro
Handles on a black GeoPot Fabric Pot, a unique feature that makes garden work easier
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Black with Handles
The tan GeoPot Fabric Pot, which helps reduce root-zone temperature in extreme heat
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Tan
A tan GeoPot Fabric Pot with available Velcro Seam that simplifies transplanting
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Tan with Velcro
A tan GeoPot Fabric Pot with optional handles that make it easier to carry
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Tan with Handles
The GeoPot Garden Kit features different sizes and styles in a single package
GeoPot® Fabric Pot Garden Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pots and Containers and Related Products

Are fabric pots better than plastic pots?
While you might think plastic pots are better for your grow because they last a long time and look pretty, fabric pots are the better option! With fabric containers, you can be sure that your plants are getting the very best in drainage of excess water, breathable fabric for air pruning, and temperature control of the root zone. With these many benefits, your plants will thrive with healthy roots, robust stalks and stems, and better nutrient uptake!
Are fabric plant pots reusable?
Fabric pots that are made with durability in mind like the GeoPot are resusable for multiple seasons due to their quad-stitched seams and durable construction. With fabric that is thicker than most other pots on the market, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality fabric pots available.
What grows well in fabric pots?
All plants do well in fabric pots! Because fabric pots help prevent root rot and overwatering through superior drainage, and keep plants from becoming root bound with the help of air pruning, plants of any type will thrive in fabric pots. Because of this, GeoPot has a huge array of pot options for every growing style and need, including GeoPot with Handles, Tan GeoPot, SquatPot, GeoPot Hanging Gardens, and even GeoPlanter fabric planter boxes!
What fabric is used for GeoPot and GeoPlanter?
The biggest difference between fabric pot types is the type of fabric used. There are two main forms of geotextile fabric: woven, and non-woven. Woven fabric is weaved into a uniform piece from yarn, thread, or other fibers, and results in a tight construction and a relatively non-porous material. In contrast, non-woven materials like GeoPot’s geotextile fabric are made up of fibers that are bonded together, typically through heat or needle punching, resulting in fabric that is often lighter and more breathable than woven material. The GeoPot and GeoPlanter are made with high quality non-woven geotextile fabric that is UV stabilized and water resistant for superior durability and reusability over multiple growing seasons.
Are all fabric pots the same?
Not all fabric pots are created equal! GeoPot and GeoPlanter products utilize non-woven geotextile fabric of the highest quality to provide incredible benefits to your plants that other containers lack. With marine-grade salt and water-resistant stitching, square construction for optimal space usage and construction strength, and UV stabilized, your GeoPot is durable enough to last through multiple growing seasons, unlike other fabric pots!
What's the best material for a raised bed?
Many gardeners love the aesthetic and functionality of raised garden beds. But what’s the best material for one? Wooden raised beds are a popular option because they look nice, but they have poor drainage and aeration, and over time the wood rots and becomes problematic. Metal raised beds look neat and last a long time, too, but they have even worse drainage! So can you make a fabric raised garden bed? Yep! Turns out, GeoPlanter helps you do just that! With multiple size options of fabric garden beds available, you can reap the benefits of air pruning, drainage, aeration, and durable geotextile fabric construction all in an affordable planter that’s easy on the eyes, too! Not to mention, it’s much easier to set up than a wooden or metal raised bed.
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