Come in from the Cold with These Indoor Grow Products

As winter approaches, you may think it’s time to pack up your tools, enjoy your harvest, and hunker down until next spring. But cold weather doesn’t have to mean your growing time is over. If you want to exercise your green thumb through the cooler months, it’s time to move your garden indoors! With a little planning and the right supplies, indoor growing can be an easy and rewarding experience.

Here are our best products to help you bring your green space inside:

Indoor Grow Kit

For all the basics needed for your move indoors, check out the Indoor Plant Kit, which features three sizes of GeoPot, saucers to catch water runoff, and Geoflora VEG fertilizer to keep your plants going strong. Whether you’re bringing in peppers or pansies, your plants will be happy throughout the winter, and your floors won’t suffer the consequences!

Best Buds Hydro Grow Kit

Looking for the kit to rule them all? Bring your grow indoors with the best bundle for hydroponics on the market, the Best Buds Hydroponic/Indoor Grow Kit. With the superior aeration and air root pruning capabilities of GeoPot, Green Planet Dual Fuel to feed your grow, trellis netting for exceptional support, and bud boosters like Massive, Vitathrive, Liquid Weight, and Terpinator, you’ll have everything you need to grow the best buds ever, all right inside your home!

GeoPot Fabric Pots

GeoPot Fabric Pots are made of a durable fabric that encourages superior drainage and aeration of the root zone. This allows you to apply more feedings without the danger of overwatering or root rot. Unlike basic plastic pots, GeoPot Fabric Pots are known for their air root pruning capabilities, which encourage the roots to branch out and create more pathways for absorbing water and nutrients and leads to bigger and better yields.

Available in several sizes and with or without handles, GeoPot Fabric Pots are washable and reusable for up to 5 or 6 growing cycles. 


The GeoPlanter is the raised garden bed version of the GeoPot Fabric Pot, and that means there’s more to love! Perfect for greenhouses and more substantial growing operations, these containers are built with a sturdy PVC frame and are available in a variety of sizes, including a 48 x 40-inch version that fits perfectly on a wooden pallet for ease of transport. GeoPlanter raised beds are also compatible with most flood and drain trays, as well as an optional Trellis Netting Kit, giving you greater control over your plant care.

EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets

The EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet is a life-saving, hassle-free way to hang lights, fans, or other valuable equipment in your growing space. Made of strong braided rope, carabiner clips, and a locking pulley, EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets come in two sizes and strengths, depending on Fitness & Kehonrakennus – Google Play ‐sovellukset laatu sjh merenkulun kanssa kehonrakennuspappi your specific needs!

Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold

If you’re looking for controlled and consistent multi-plant watering, look no further than the Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold. With a simple turn of a key, you’ll be able to dial in your desired flow rate with this compact solution that can be attached directly to existing water lines and accommodate growing operations of any scale. The Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold is designed to prevent clogging, even when running thick, organic fertilizers. It can also be used outdoors thanks to UV-resistant Noryl ABSL plastic that can withstand even the harshest growing conditions. 

This pairs well with Octo-Flow’s PVC Tubing, which is more durable than standard vinyl tubing thanks to its double-layered design and food-grade material. Just don’t try to eat or drink out of it yourself!

Guard ‘n Spray

Growing indoors can present unique new challenges that you may not need to worry about outside, such as powdery mildew or mold due to increased humidity and condensation. Guard ‘n Spray Insecticide is an organic blend of food-grade ingredients and botanical extracts that effectively attacks mold and mildew spores as well as pests.

Guard ‘n Spray’s concentrated formula can be applied with sprayers, atomizers, or foggers and can also be diluted for maintenance and preventative treatments. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, no re-entry delays are necessary.

Recreating the Outdoors

Indoor gardens thrive when they receive the proper care. Use the products outlined above to allow you greater control over your growing environment and ensure the highest yield possible when you bring your grow inside!

Looking for more? Check out our entire line of tested and approved products for indoor grows here.

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