Pump Up the Volume: Bud-Bulking Nutrients for the Bloom Stage

Your plants have been training for weeks, and now it’s time for the main event: the flowering stage. After all that time spent spreading roots and growing sturdy stalks and leaves, your ladies are ready to show off for the judges. As your plants’ personal trainer, it’s up to you to push them to the limits of their potential with nutrients designed to pump them up!

That’s where bulkers and stackers come in. This specialized category of supplements is designed to boost the development of flowers in the bloom stage with a final push of essential nutrients and carbohydrates for massive yields of high-quality product.

Here are our top picks for mass-building additives for your grow:

Green Planet Nutrients – Horti-rawK, here in 2.5-kilo size, is a specially blended flowering additive


Horti-rawK from Green Planet Nutrients is designed to maximize mass and bulk up flowers during the blooming stage. Its specially formulated 0-0-62 dose of potassium can be used to supplement your regular feeding program.

Potassium supports the plant’s sugar production and its ability to store the energy needed for Olympic-level flower development. It also increases the plant’s strength at a cellular level and helps produce stems of steel to stand tall and support larger flower sites. Your plants are gonna need a spotter while they’re pumping all that potassium. Horti-rawK is essential for growers looking to get the most out of their flowers in time for harvest.

Shown in 4-liter size, Green Planet Nutrients – Liquid Weight can be used during the flowering phase

Liquid Weight

Green Planet’s Liquid Weight is a supplemental blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that support the plant and beneficial microbial life in the root zone. This leads to an increase in the absorption of essential nutrients that help develop medal-worthy flowers.

Blooming plants expend an enormous amount of energy to produce floral sites. With Liquid Weight as a readily available food source, the plant can focus on the development of massive flowers.

Introducing carbohydrates to the root zone will also benefit the microbes that live in the soil. This microbial colony expands the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients by breaking down larger elements into simple chemical components for better uptake by the plant roots. Providing food to these beneficial microbes supports this process and translates to bulked-up yields and improved quality.

Bottle of Green Planet Karbo-Boost

Karbo Boost

Karbo Boost is a powdered supplement from Green Planet that uses naturally occurring carbohydrates to keep your plants supplied with an added clean source of energy to support heavyweight flowering. This epic carb-loading encourages the rapid expansion of beneficial microbe colonies in the growing medium just in time for blooming.

Healthy microbial life in the rhizosphere helps mobilize nutrients and improve water and oxygen absorption in the root zone for faster and more muscular growth. The end result is a significant increase in flower weight, taste, and overall yield.

Breakfast of Champions

Now that you know the benefits of these mass-building supplements, you’re ready to push your plants to bulkier blooms. But why stop there? Check out our full selection of nutrients and supplements for the flowering stage that separate the champs from the chumps.

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