Easy Come, Easy Grow: Vegetable Grow Kits for a Simple Start

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner unsure of where to start, we know you want to grow the best veggies possible. That’s why we created vegetable grow kits to give you everything you need in one box, including our favorite growing containers, fertilizers, and other proven products to get you growing fast.

Looking for an easy way to get your grow started with great results? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with these great bundles:

Care for Carrots

One of the best starter veggies is carrots, and whether you’re growing Danvers or Nantes, you’re sure to succeed with our Carrot Grow Kit. Grow a ton of sweet carrots for salads, vegetable platters, and even juicing if you wanna go there. Just take care; you may find your grow besieged by bunnies looking to score big. 

Help your Herbs

Herbs are a popular choice for gardeners who want easy-to-grow plants that will add some flair to every meal, and our Herb Grow Kit is the best way to get them started. With a set of five 1-gallon GeoPot fabric pots and saucers for indoor or outdoor growing, as well as a bag of the best organic fertilizer for herbs, Geoflora VEG, you can’t go wrong!

Lettuce Show the Way

Save green by going green with a Lettuce Grow Kit. Get some variety with different cultivars such as Little Gem, Buttercrunch, or Green Ice. With a set of GeoPot Squat Pots to ensure rapid, robust growth, Geoflora VEG fertilizer to keep your plants well-fed, and ECOWORKS EC to keep the pests away, you’ll be buried in greens before you know it. (Caution, do not bury yourself in greens.)

Poppin’ Peppers

Need some spice in your life? We’ve got Hot Pepper Grow Kits to get you started with the spicy garden of your dreams. Featuring the best pots, fertilizer, trellis support, microbes, and pest control you need to grow the best habaneros, jalapenos, Georgia flames, and more! Just make sure your fire extinguisher is nearby, ‘cause your grow is gonna be HOT.

Perfect Potatoes

Po-TAY-to or po-TAH-to? We don’t care how you say it. Whether you’re growing Russet, Fingerling, or Yukon Gold, our Potato Grow Kit makes it easy and fun! Featuring two of GeoPot’s signature Potato Bags with a handy access window and the best fertilizer for growing potatoes, Geoflora BLOOM, this bundle will turn you into a spud farmer in no time.

Easy Peas-y

Peas and beans are easy to grow, but they need the right support to really thrive. That’s why we put together a Snap Pea Grow Kit to keep your climbing plants healthy and happy. With GeoPot fabric pots for superior aeration and air root pruning, Geoflora BLOOM to ensure lots of flowers and fruit, and all the trellis netting your plants need to reach for the skies, you can be assured of a successful harvest!

Terrific Tomatoes

Tomatoes are extremely popular with most gardeners, which is why we recommend checking out our grow kits for cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes. Whether you’re nurturing Sungold Cherry or Cherokee Purple, we’ve got the perfect bundle to help them grow the best! Set them up with our favorite fabric pots for tomatoes, trellis netting for support, DYNOMYCO to establish strong roots, Geoflora organic fertilizer for their big feast, and ECOWORKS EC to keep the pests away, all in one pack! 

Easy Does It

It’s essential to grow your plants with their best interests in mind. With GardenTap Grow Kits, you’ll get complete starter packs catered to your plants’ specific needs to ensure an easy and successful grow. Check out our other kits or read more about them on our blog!

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