Bon Appetit: 5-Star Nutrients and Amendments to Feed Your Plants

Your plants’ performance depends greatly on what you feed them. Growers who give their plants the right blend of nutrients and beneficial bacteria improve growth and see positive results come harvest time. That’s right, the old adage “you are what you eat” applies to plants too! Thankfully, we carry a variety of the best fertilizers and soil supplements to help you serve up the tastiest meals to your garden.

Roots Organics

We are proud to carry two liquid nutrient lines from industry rockstar Aurora Innovations: Roots Organics and Soul. Roots Organics includes a variety of 10 organic liquid nutrients to cover the needs of any soil-based growing environment. From their Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom formulas to more targeted applications of specific nutrients with products like Extreme Serene, CalMag, and others, the Roots Organics line offers something for every eco-groovy grower. Check out the entire organic collection here.


That’s right, we’ve got Soul, as in Aurora’s Soul line of liquid nutrients. These are great for use in coco fiber and hydroponic growing environments but can also be applied to soil. As with Roots Organics, the Soul line offers a wide range of options like Grow and Bloom, Big Swell, PeaK, and other targeted blends. See the complete line here and bring a little soul to your garden.

Geoflora Nutrients

Geoflora Nutrients is an easy-to-use, organic fertilizing system designed to supercharge growth and boost yields while reducing costs by 20% or more! Made of 19 natural ingredients and beneficial bacteria, its dust-free, granular form makes it safe and simple to apply with no coughing required.

Geoflora VEG is a 5-3-4 formula that ensures healthy plant growth in the vegetative stage, while Geoflora BLOOM is a 3-5-5 formula that provides the ideal ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to make your blooms go BOOM! Growers are catching on to the simplicity and effectiveness of Geoflora, so try it in your soil and see the results!


An outstanding product that has been getting a ton of buzz lately is DYNOMYCO, a highly concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant specifically targeted for cannabis. DYNOMYCO smokes the competition with up to 3x the concentration of endomycorrhizal propagules at 900 per gram. Confused? Simply put, this translates to the successful colonization of plant roots at lower costs. If you want improved nutrient uptake and explosive yields, light it up with DYNOMYCO.

Terpinator & Purpinator

Two more popular products among growers are Terpinator and Purpinator. Terpinator is a powerful nutrient additive designed to increase the potency, flavor, and aroma of cannabis plants. Purpinator offers the same benefits as Terpinator while also naturally enhancing the inherent color of purple strains.

Terpinator and Purpinator allow you to unlock the true potential of your plants without inducing stress or modifying the growing environment! What more could you ask for?

ECOMAX Neem Kernel Fertilizer

ECOMAX is a 6-1-2 slow-release nutrient that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients, and trace micronutrients. This vegan, organic plant nutrient harnesses the power of Neem, an herb used as a natural remedy for nearly 5,000 years! Using ECOMAX as a soil amendment will provide you with improved soil health, flourishing microbial communities, and a well-developed canopy.


Tribus is one of the most revolutionary and versatile additives on the market, helping to improve nutrient uptake, root development, enzyme production, and root-zone health. You can feel confident using Tribus thanks to its extensive testing and data-driven mission to improve yields of growers across the globe.

Feeding Time

Our selection of top-quality nutrients and amendments provides a complete menu of options for any type of grow. We only offer the best products that we use in our own gardens, so you can be confident that you’ll find something in the list above to make your plants thrive (and ask for seconds)!

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