Perfect Pours: Our Guide to the Best Liquid Nutrients from Aurora Innovations

Here at GardenTap, we believe in helping you grow the best plants possible, which is why we only carry the highest-quality products that we use in our own gardens. One brand that we just can’t stop talking about is Aurora Innovations, creators of the all-star Roots Organics and Soul lines of liquid nutrients.

Founded in Eugene, Oregon, by a team of organic gardeners, Aurora Innovations produces incredibly effective growing products using the world’s finest ingredients. They get down and dirty with their state-of-the-art laboratory and test farms to make sure they offer only the best products for growers at every level. Today we’ll be digging deep into the benefits and uses of each of Aurora’s 17 offerings in their Roots Organics and Soul liquid nutrient lines!

Aurora Innovations Roots Organics

Looking for the very best organic liquid nutrients? Then you’ll love Aurora Innovations’ Roots Organics line! By combining potent, sustainable sources of organic plant nutrition with rigorous quality control, Roots Organics is one of the most trusted brands in the growing industry. In short, they really know their stuff!

Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom

Roots Organics Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom can be used as the rock-solid foundation of your grow in soil or coco-based media. These nutrients promote plant health through the vegetative stage and increase yields and enhance quality and flavor in the flowering stage. Your plants will reach true enlightenment thanks to organic ingredients like bat guano, kelp extract, and worm castings that are harvested from natural sources around the world. Now that’s what we call zen.

Derived from bat guano, kelp extract (ascophyllum nodosum), soy extract, molasses, worm castings, and yucca extract.

Ancient Amber

Roots Organics Ancient Amber is a highly soluble natural nitrogen source designed for use in soil and coco-based media, hydroponics, and foliar sprays. Put simply, Ancient Amber is great for boosting your plants during transition. With great ingredients like nettle, non-GMO soybean meal, and fulvic acid, your plants will have timeless appeal! 

Derived from soybean fermentation extract and nettle extract.


Roots Organics CalMag provides a boost of liquid calcium and magnesium, plus a healthy dose of sulfur, a frequently overlooked component for the flowering stage. Because this product is free of additional nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, CalMag allows growers to supplement as much as needed without affecting the feeding schedule. Roots Organics CalMag is the perfect choice for fast-growing and heavy feeding plants and works great with hydroponic systems. It’s like the plant world’s version of a muscle-building protein shake!

Derived from kieserite and gypsum.

Extreme Serene

Don’t let the chilled out name fool you, Roots Organics Extreme Serene captures the fast-growing power of marine kelp to encourage vigorous shoot and root growth. Extreme Serene is designed for use in soil and coco-based growing media, hydroponics, or as a foliar spray, and can also offer a helping hand to neglected mother plants and clones that have started to yellow.

Derived from seaweed extract (ascophyllum nodosum, chondrus crispus, ecklonia maxima, laminaria digitata, and palmaria palmata), spirulina, and triterpene saponins.


Roots Organics HPK is a bloom booster that harnesses the benefits of seabird guano (which we’re sure was a joy to harvest). Also included are phosphate rock, a hidden powerbank of available phosphorus, and langbeinite, a super-powerful source of potassium and magnesium that is carefully mined from ancient sea beds. HPK is minimally processed to preserve all the benefits and amazing synergistic qualities of the ingredients and is designed for use in non-coco-based growing media and some hydroponic applications.

Derived from seabird guano, phosphate rock, and langbeinite.


Roots Organics HP2 liquid seabird guano is a natural source of phosphorus that is great for use during flowering and fruiting. Aurora Innovations has taken generations of gardening experience (and guano-collecting experience, apparently) and distilled it into a unique, easy-to-use formula. HP2 is minimally processed to preserve all of the benefits found in seabird guano and biogenic phosphate rock and is designed for use in coco-based or coco-heavy growing media and some hydroponic applications.

Derived from 100% natural seabird guano and biogenic phosphate rock. 


Roots Organics Rain does just what you might expect, promoting water penetration and aiding in the dispersion of foliar applications. A combination of the natural wetting agents yucca and quillaja, this product reduces water surface tension and enhances the movement of nutrients throughout the root zone. We applaud the scientific genius that figured this one out.

Contains yucca schidigera extract, quillaja saponaria extract, aloe vera extract. 


Roots Organics Surge is a powerful microbial booster, taste and oil enhancer, and growth accelerator. The addition of natural sugar, kelp, and humic acid to a packed-to-the-gills fish base creates a potent fusion of natural compounds to ensure faster growth, greater yields, and lush plants with richer essential oils. Surge is designed for use in soil and coco-based growing media and can be applied over a plant’s entire life cycle.

Derived from hydrolyzed fish stabilized with phosphoric acid, kelp (ecklonia maxima), molasses, and langbeinite. 


Roots Organics Trinity is a complex blend of organic and natural plant nutrients designed for maximum plant and rhizosphere growth and flavor enhancement. This nutrient brings the trifecta of perfect plant nutrients, including complex carbohydrates, growth-boosting nutrients, and humic acids to aid in the uptake of micronutrients. Trinity is designed for use in soil and coco-based growing media but can be used in hydroponic systems and with any nutrient program, like that friend of yours who gets along with literally everybody.

Derived from kelp extract (ascophyllum nodosum), soy protein hydrolysate, molasses carbohydrates, yucca extract, humic acids, and triterpene saponins.

Aurora Innovations Soul

For hydroponic growers, Aurora Innovations’ Soul line offers a perfect compromise between the benefits of organic nutrients and the rapid availability of synthetic nutrients. With a roughly 60/40 mix of organic and synthetic nutrients, Soul gives you the best of both worlds. As long as your plants have good circulation and aeration, Soul products work with both soil and hydroponic grows and all forms of growing media. Talk about a show-off.

Soul Grow and Soul Bloom

Soul Grow and Soul Bloom are user-friendly, soluble, and natural hydroponic nutrient blends that allow you to boost the quality and quantity of your grow while lowering costs. Soul Grow is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to increase plant vigor in the growth stage, while Soul Bloom maximizes production in the flowering stage with the addition of potent botanical extracts. GROW, GROW, GROW!

Derived from bat guano extract, alfalfa extract, kelp extract (ascophyllum nodosum), yucca extract, molasses, potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium nitrate, iron EDTA, magnesium nitrate, and humic acid.


Soul Amino-Aide is a turbocharging amino acid blend specifically formulated to increase plant vigor and yields in both soil and hydroponic systems. Adding 5 ml per gallon to any regimen will lead to rapid, noticeable results like bigger stalks and sun leaves. This superhero amendment is best used from the first signs of growth into the first weeks of flowering.

Derived from kelp extract (ascophyllum nodosum), yucca extract, L-Glycine, and L-Arginine.

Big Swell

Soul Big Swell is designed to increase flower size, vigor, and quality. Crafted with a distinctive formula of powerful natural botanical extracts, amino acids, and molasses, this product supplies a specific ratio of available phosphorus and potassium. Big Swell makes an excellent flowering additive to any base nutrient program, making it one of the more versatile products in the Soul line, which we think is pretty SWELL.

Derived from yucca extract, molasses, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, L-Glycine, and silica.


N is for nitrogen! Soul Grow-N is a high-performance fertilizer that delivers a highly concentrated nitrogen and calcium boost for faster growth. Grow-N contains no urea-based nitrogen and can be combined with any base nutrient program.

Pro Tip: Use sparingly. This is a concentrated product, and nitrate nitrogen can encourage swift growth (sometimes too fast).

Derived from bat guano, calcium nitrate, and magnesium nitrate.


Soul Infinity is a complex blend of natural plant nutrients formulated to increase vigor and prevent nutrient deficiencies common in fast-growing and heavy-feeding plants. This blend is fortified with two amino chelates and humic acid for extra nutrient uptake and soy protein hydrolysate to boost vigor, allowing your plants to realize their infinite potential. See what we did there?

Derived from soy protein hydrolysate, kelp extract (ascophyllum nodosum), yucca extract, molasses, calcium amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, and humic acid.


Soul PeaK offers a unique boost of phosphorus and potassium to encourage vigorous production in the flowering phase. Soul PeaK is best used in the final 2-3 weeks of flowering when you want to give your plants a last little push to reach their, you know, peak!

Derived from alfalfa extract, phosphoic acid, and potassium hydroxide.

Gardener pouring Roots Organics Ancient Amber liquid nutrients

You can tell from this list of 17 targeted liquid nutrients that Aurora Innovations doesn’t mess around. Their hugely popular Roots Organics and Soul lines offer growers a wide variety of top-quality options for supercharging plant growth and maximizing yields. We hope this handy guide has helped give you an idea of which products are a good fit for your grow!

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