Sungrower® Black and White Grow Bag

Black on the inside and white on the outside, these Grow Bags feature UV stabilization and plenty of drainage holes while also creating a light-proof barrier to stop algae growth.


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Product Features List
  • Provides 92% reflectivity for a cooler root zone
  • Easy to set up so you can grow where you want
  • Great even in hot climates
  • Ultra-light and simple to store
  • Perfect for first-time gardeners or large-scale container growers

Sungrower Grow Bags make it easier to grow nearly anything you want, anywhere you want, including decks, patios, or porches. The bags help ensure a cooler root zone even in the hottest environments by allowing excess heat to escape through their sides. When the growing season ends, you can fold up your Sungrower Grow Bags for simple storage.


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Unroll from the pack and expand the grow bag, with the white side facing out. Fill with growing media and water as normal. When indoors, use a flood tray or saucer to prevent spillage.


Plastic Container Volume Chart
Size Gallons Cubic Feet Cubic Yard Bags of Soil
(1.5 Cubic Feet)
Pots Per Yard
½ Gallon 0.71 0.097 0.004 15.4 Pots Per Bag 277.9 Pots Per Yard
1 Gallon 1.19 0.191 0.007 7.8 Pots Per Bag 141 Pots Per Yard
2 Gallon 2.20 0.353 0.013 4.2 Pots Per Bag 76.4 Pots Per Yard
3 Gallon 3.26 0.522 0.019 2.9 Pots Per Bag 51.7 Pots Per Yard
5 Gallon 5.00 0.935 0.035 1.6 Pots Per Bag 28.9 Pots Per Yard
7 Gallon 7.04 1.131 0.042 1.3 Pots Per Bag 23.9 Pots Per Yard
10 Gallon 12.74 2.038 0.075 1.4 Bags Per Pot 13.2 Pots Per Yard
20 Gallon 22.23 3.566 0.132 2.4 Bags Per Pot 7.6 Pots Per Yard
30 Gallon 37.71 6.023 0.223 4 Bags Per Pot 4.5 Pots Per Yard

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