MushroomSupplies MycoMultiplier™ Yield Booster

PRICE: $10.99

Introducing the MycoMultiplier™ Yield Booster from MushroomSupplies – an X-Shaped Band designed for use with mushroom grow bags to help reduce side pinning.


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Product Features List

Maximize Mushroom Output: When paired with the Grow Kit In-A-Bag™, the MycoMultiplier™ helps reduce side pinning and drives fruit production where it matters most. 

Targeted Growth Control: The innovative x-shaped band wraps around the middle section of your growing medium, effectively halting the growth of those pesky, energy-consuming mini mushrooms that tend to sprout along the inner sides of your bag.

Optimal Size and Shape: Carefully engineered for the perfect tension, the MycoMultiplier™ ensures robust growth without disturbing the delicate network of mycelium, applying consistent pressure as the substrate shrinks naturally. 

Unique “X” Design: Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional rubber bands. The MycoMultiplier™’s “X” shape provides unmatched coverage, keeping side-pinning in check and allowing your mushrooms to flourish freely.

Durable and Reusable: Each package includes five MycoMultiplier™ bands, built to last and ready for multiple uses.


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Apply to outside of grow kit in-a-bag or colonized substrate bag to reduce side pinning.

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