GeoPot® Fabric Pot Black

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This signature gardening solution helps you get growing indoors or out and features nonwoven polypropylene material that allows for air pruning, better drainage, and a healthier root environment.


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Product Features List
  • Durable, washable, and reusable for up to 5 growing cycles
  • Square bottom design makes them perfect as a space saver
  • Folded over and stitched top design makes them self-supporting
  • Marine-grade stitching for strength and water resistance
  • Can be used with soil or soilless media
  • Aeration promotes air pruning of the roots, improving fibrous root growth for better fruit and higher yields
  • Available in sizes ranging from ¼ gallon to 1000 gallons

GeoPot Fabric Pots are built tough enough to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure while retaining their self-supporting form and structural integrity, even in challenging climatic conditions and during irrigation. Made from BPA-free plastics, they are made of the thickest fabric on the market and are easy to wash, so you can use them again and again.

What is air pruning and how does it help your garden?

The porous fabric used in GeoPlanter and GeoPot products allows the root tips of your plants to be exposed to dry air, which effectively “prunes” them by stopping their growth. Plants react by rapidly creating secondary feeder roots which enhance nutrient and water uptake and accelerate development of a stronger root system to give you lush, healthy plants and flowers.


Please select a variation to see its technical specifications


Compatible with most growing media. Place on a raised support, saucer, or directly on the ground. When indoors, use a saucer or flood tray.


Fabric Container Volume Chart
Size Gallons Cubic Feet Cubic Yard Bags of Soil
(1.5 Cubic Feet)
Pots Per Yard
½ Gallon 0.55 0.074 0.003 20.4 Pots Per Bag 366.7 Pots Per Yard
1 Gallon 1.00 0.134 0.005 11.2 Pots Per Bag 202 Pots Per Yard
2 Gallon 1.84 0.246 0.009 6.1 Pots Per Bag 109.6 Pots Per Yard
3 Gallon 3.37 0.451 0.017 3.3 Pots Per Bag 59.9 Pots Per Yard
5 Gallon 5.14 0.687 0.025 2.2 Pots Per Bag 39.3 Pots Per Yard
7 Gallon 7.33 0.980 0.036 1.5 Pots Per Bag 27.6 Pots Per Yard
10 Gallon 10.45 1.396 0.052 1.1 Pots Per Bag 19.3 Pots Per Yard
15 Gallon 14.32 1.914 0.071 1.3 Bags Per Pot 14.1 Pots Per Yard
20 Gallon 20.40 2.727 0.101 1.8 Bags Per Pot 9.9 Pots Per Yard
25 Gallon 24.74 3.307 0.122 2.2 Bags Per Pot 8.2 Pots Per Yard
30 Gallon 32.31 4.320 0.160 2.9 Bags Per Pot 6.3 Pots Per Yard
45 Gallon 44.62 5.964 0.221 4 Bags Per Pot 4.5 Pots Per Yard
65 Gallon 62.67 8.378 0.310 5.6 Bags Per Pot 3.2 Pots Per Yard
100 Gallon 98.20 13.127 0.486 8.8 Bags Per Pot 2.1 Pots Per Yard
150 Gallon 151.40 20.239 0.750 13.5 Bags Per Pot 1.3 Pots Per Yard
200 Gallon 204.01 27.272 1.010 18.2 Bags Per Pot 1 Yard Per Pot
300 Gallon 342.73 45.816 1.697 30.5 Bags Per Pot 1.7 Yards Per Pot
400 Gallon 499.82 66.816 2.475 44.5 Bags Per Pot 2.5 Yards Per Pot
600 Gallon 603.53 80.681 2.988 53.8 Bags Per Pot 3 Yards Per Pot
1000 Gallon 1005.43 134.406 4.978 89.6 Bags Per Pot 5 Yards Per Pot

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