Lean on Me: The Perks of Trellis Netting

If you’ve grown a garden for any amount of time, you may well know that we all need support from time to time, and sometimes plants just need some help standing up. We recommend adding in a trellis for some physical (and emotional) support for those crops that just can’t stand on their own. 

At GardenTap, we carry durable, UV-treated Sungrower Trellis Netting that comes in many options of pre-cut lengths and widths. With the added benefit of double-reinforced ends for a sturdy support network, you know you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to flexible plastic trellis netting to support your delicate babies. 

Read on to learn more about why trellising your plants is so important!

Reap the Benefits

Trellising your plants can have a huge impact on your garden space for many reasons. With a plethora of benefits and aesthetic options to choose from, there’s no reason not to glow up your grow!

Save Space

Trellising allows you to grow your plants vertically and is especially helpful for vining varieties of plants like cucumbers and zucchini. When you grow up with a trellis, you’ll have space in your garden because the vines and leaves aren’t spreading outward. This can also be great for extending the growing season of cool-weather plants because growing in the shade of a trellised plant keeps the sun off and soil temperatures down. Aaaaah…

Add Structure

Some plants just need a little structure. (Don’t we all?) Trellising allows plants that can’t stand up on their own to reach for the skies and soak up more sun and fresh air. Propping up your plants with either a vertical or horizontal trellis offers huge benefits, including increased sunlight exposure, better aeration on plant leaves and stalks to prevent mold and fungus, and eliminating contact with the ground, which can be vital for controlling those pesky pests and rot. Plants with good posture are healthy plants!

Keep it Easy

It’s much easier to prune and harvest a trellised garden because the plants are neatly propped up, allowing full access to leaves, stems, and fruits. Fertilizing and watering are both easier, too. Because trellised plants are kept off the ground, you can water and fertilize directly at the base of the plant, saving both time and money. All in all, trellising lessens the work involved in the upkeep of your crops, which means more chill time for you.

Tips for Successful Trellising

  • You can trellis just about anything that grows big, including vining plants like cucumbers and morning glories, as well as bushy plants like tomato and cannabis.
  • The best type of trellis depends on the plant. Vining plants enjoy trellis boards or twine, while bushy plants prefer trellis netting or cages.
  • Make sure your trellis is tall enough for your plant! 
  • Vining plants will climb the trellis themselves, but other plants may need additional support to stick it out, such as twist-ties or twine.
  • Trellis with vines that stay green year long to improve your garden’s privacy!
  • Get double the use out of your trellis netting by using it as an herb drying rack after harvest, just tack it up and hang your herbs!

The Best Support for Your Grow

It’s clear that trellising brings incredible benefits to your garden, and as plant parents, it’s our duty to provide the support our green babies need to grow big and strong. Check out trellis netting and other options for your grow in our shop, or search by How You Grow to help narrow down the products that fit your style!

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