Green Planet Nutrients Massive Bloom Formulation

When big blooms are your goal, this premier flowering additive brings all of the macro- and microelements your garden needs to produce the heftiest flowers and buds.


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Product Features List
  • Transports vital fluids and cell-building materials to flower sites
  • Contains essential phosphorus and potassium
  • Formulated with L-form amino acids
  • Great for boosting aromatics and essential oils
  • Promotes photosynthesis and better carbon dioxide use
  • Helps plants resist stress

Massive Bloom Formulation is designed to promote large, healthy blooms and flowers. The unique vitamin formula is blended with carbohydrates, a chelated mineral profile, and key nutrients, all of which work together to create the foundation for flowers, buds, and blooms you’ll be proud of.


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Add Massive at a rate of 5 ml/L (19 ml/Gal) to your nutrient reservoir for the duration of the flowering cycle. Adjust the pH as needed. At 5 ml/L (19 ml/Gal) your nutrient solution will elevate ppm levels by an additional 300-400 ppm.


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