Dr. Myc™ MGP Plus – Mushroom Growth Enhancer

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MGP Plus contains microbes that help support enhanced mushroom growth, and additional microbes that help prevent contamination in monotubs when spawning to bulk.


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Product Features List
  • Reduced risk of Trichoderma contamination.
  • Decrease time to pinset by 5 – 15 days.
  • Increase fruit size.
  • Increase net harvest weight.

Each pack of MGP products contains microbes selected specifically for their growth promoting properties. 

MGP Plus contains a similar makeup of bacteria to MGP Pure, with the added benefit of microbes designed to also prevent contamination.

MGP Plus has a number of benefits when applied to your grain and substrate mixes, including decreased time to pinset by 5 – 15 days, increased fruit size, increased net harvest weight, and reduced risk of Trichoderma contamination.

Both MGP Pure and MGP Plus are cost effective and easy to use, with each 10g pack making enough ready-to-use spray to treat approximately 20 monotubs or 40 grow bags.


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Add 2 grams of MGP Pure or MGP Plus per 1L of non-chlorinated water (RO or Distilled is best) and add to a sprayer bottle. 

  1. Mist colonized grain spawn directly  when mixing spawn and bulk substrate material, and then mix your grain and substrate evenly. Avoid spraying substrate directly where possible, and do not overapply – usage rate is 1 “spray” per pound of substrate used. 
  2. Apply once weekly if additional treatments are needed after pinset and fruiting have begun. 
  3. Store extra mix in the refrigerator and uUse the contents of the bottle within 6 months for best results.

ALTERNATIVE DRY USE: To use dry, add 1G per 2.5 Gallons of water to the grain soak and mix with grain/water.

NOTE: MGP Plus can also be used as a part of the grain soak when making your own grain spawn, creating metabolites hardy enough to withstand sterilization, resulting in faster colonization of your grain and lower contamination rates. Add to grain soak at a rate of 1G per 2.5 Gallons of water and mix with grain/water. 

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