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Trouble No More: Our Favorite Pest Management Products

Summer is here, and if you’ve done at least a few things right, your plants are probably already growing healthy new leaves and branches. You may also start to notice some unwanted activity in the form of pests. Yuck! Spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, beetles, and thrips are only a few of the creepy crawlies that can quickly overwhelm your precious plants. No thanks!

Even if you don’t yet see evidence of these uninvited guests, such as yellowing leaves or white spots on leaves or stems, now’s the time to take preventative measures and gain the upper hand before they take over your garden and ruin your crop. Fortunately, this can be done without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Let’s take a look at our favorite products that can help get those pesky bugs to buzz off!

Guard 'n Spray® Insecticide

Guard ‘n Spray Insecticide

From the makers of Terpinator, Guard ‘n Spray is an OMRI-listed, natural pesticide that is sold in a concentrated form, so there will be plenty to last the season. The active ingredients include Rosemary Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Sesame Oil, and Citric Acid. Guard ‘n Spray is effective in killing the most common garden pests and preventing both powdery and downy mildews. Win-win!

All you need to do is dilute it with water, place it in a spray bottle, and squirt any uninvited insects you see! You’ll also want to apply it as a foliar spray during the cooler morning or evening hours at least once per day until those buggers take the hint. We like to use Guard ‘n Spray as a preventative measure to make sure pests don’t feel welcome from the get-go. Find more detailed usage information here.

ECOWORKS EC in the 2.5 gallon size is an OMRI-Listed 4-in-1 organic pesticide

ECOWORKS EC 4-in-1 Pesticide

ECOWORKS EC is an OMRI-Listed, organic broad-spectrum formula derived from cold-pressed neem oil, allowing you to control a wide range of pests, mildews, rust, and botrytis. Stop pests in their tracks with a safer option than Azadirachtin products, especially when you’re fighting nasty leaf-chomping pests such as worms, beetles, grasshoppers, and sucking pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mites, scale, and mealybugs.

For a general foliar application, dilute 10ml in one gallon of water spray once every 10-14 days. Find more detailed usage information here.

Gardener FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards, shown in blue and yellow options, are key in any pest control program

Gardner FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards

One of the easiest ways to keep an eye on pests in your grow is with FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards. These handy little guys are dual-sided and feature an easy-peel film that is pulled off before use. No need to worry about glue getting stuck to your hands–or your clothing, or anything else! An added bonus is that these cards are perforated so that they can easily be split into three smaller cards, which makes them easy to place around the base of a stem.

The Yellow/Yellow cards are best for aphids, whiteflies, and fungus gnats while the Yellow/Blue Cards are ideal for the same, plus thrips and leafminers.

The short of it is that FlyWeb Insect Cards are versatile – they can be folded into a triangular shape around the base of the plant to control fungus gnats in seedlings, clones, or mature plants. You can even hang unfolded cards from the branches of your plants for flying insect, aphid, and whitefly control. Check them out!

Don’t Come Around Here No More

After you’ve put so much care into the growth of your plants, why leave their safety to chance? Remove the welcome mat with these effective, easy-to-use products to ensure your grow can go from veg to bloom without any unwanted guests.

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