5 Great Gifts for Gardeners Under $65

Are you trying to find the perfect present for the gardener in your life? Green thumbs can be hard to shop for, but we’re here to make it easy. If you’re looking for a gift under $65 for your favorite garden-enthusiast, check out our list of must-have grow kits!

Herb Grow Kit

Herbs are a popular choice for gardeners who want easy-to-grow plants that will add some flair to every meal, and our Herb Grow Kit is the best way to get them started. With a set of five 1-gallon GeoPot fabric pots and saucers for indoor or outdoor growing, as well as a bag of the best organic fertilizer for herbs, Geoflora VEG, your gift will be a hit! Maybe they’ll even invite you over for their next herb-infused meal. Fingers crossed!

Balcony Garden Kit

Some people have big green thumbs but live in small spaces, which can make it a challenge to grow their favorite plants. The Balcony Garden Kit helps growers make the best use of their limited outdoor space with the popular GeoPlanter fabric raised bed that fits perfectly on most balconies. It also comes with a bag of our favorite fertilizer, Geoflora BLOOM, which is great for veggies, herbs, and flowers. The gardener in your life will be surprised by how much they’ll be able to grow right outside their door!

Indoor Plant Kit

For gardeners who prefer to grow small indoor plants like succulents and houseplants, there’s no better way to show them you care than with our Indoor Plant Kit. This bargain bundle offers nine of the best pots for indoor growing, clear plastic saucers to protect their furniture and floors, and our favorite organic fertilizer and pest control products. Thanks to the Indoor Plant Kit, you’ll be helping some lucky gardener take their home from house to greenhouse in no time!

Tomato Grow Kits

Tomatoes are extremely popular with most gardeners, which is why we recommend checking out our grow kits for cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes. Whether your gardener friend is nurturing Sungold Cherry or Cherokee Purple, we’ve got the perfect gift to help them grow the best! Set them up with our favorite fabric pots for tomatoes, trellis netting to support their plants, DYNOMYCO to establish robust roots, Geoflora organic fertilizer, and ECOWORKS EC to keep the pests away, all in one pack! 

Potato Grow Kit

Po-TAY-to or po-TAH-to? We don’t care how you say it! Our Potato Grow Kit makes it easy and fun! Featuring two of GeoPot’s signature Potato Bags with a handy access window and the best fertilizer for growing potatoes, Geoflora BLOOM, this bundle makes the perfect gift for the potato farmer in your life.

Give the Gift of Grow Kits

Picking out just the right gift for gardeners can be a challenge, no matter how long they’ve been growing. Thankfully, our wide variety of Grow Kits make it easy to find just what they need. Whether you’re getting them started on their first growing adventure or you’re helping them expand their amateur farm, we know they’ll be excited to put these great bundles to use in the spring.

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