ShroomRoom: Mushroom Grow Tent

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The ShroomRoom is an easy-to-assemble indoor mushroom cultivation tent that creates a dedicated, climate-controlled grow space for mushrooms of all types.


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Product Features List
  • Easy-to-assemble indoor mushroom cultivation tent
  • Accommodates internal fan or humidifier
  • Perfect for cultivating mushrooms in trays or bags

The ShroomRoom is an easy-to-assemble indoor mushroom cultivation tent that creates a dedicated, climate-controlled grow space for mushrooms of all types. This “Martha Tent” style grow space includes a drip tray, a bottom half shelf to accommodate an internal humidifier, and a top shelf large enough for an internal fan.

The ShroomRoom makes it easy to grow any type of mushroom in trays and bags, and excels where mushrooms need consistent humidity and fresh air exchange during fruiting. 

With mushroom grow bags, fresh air exchange and humidification can be tedious and difficult to manage, and in-bag fruiting can lead to lower and less consistent yields for certain species. 

External fruiting is ideal for mushrooms like Oyster & Lion’s Mane, which grow optimally through small punctures in colonized fruiting blocks and require significant fresh air and humidity to optimize yields. Flat tray growing species & dung-loving mushrooms also excel with additional fresh air and humidity, increasing yields and decreasing stem length for more numerous, potent fruits.


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The ShroomRoom can be easily assembled according to the included instructions.

Be sure to spray and wipe down your grow area with a 10% bleach solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol before and after you grow to reduce the risk of possible contamination.

FRESH AIR EXCHANGE is vital for mushroom fruiting. A small fan can be placed at the top of the tent to bring air in from the bottom and out through the top. Use a low-power 3-inch fan turned on for approximately 1 minute every 10-20 minutes for best results.

FILTER OR EXHAUST: No Spores Indoors! Be sure to pre-filter your fan exhaust or vent air outdoors – spores and lungs do not mix.

HUMIDITY helps mushrooms thrive. A humidifier can be placed inside the tent, or outside with humidity piped in. Either use a humidity controller and ultrasonic humidifier and aim to maintain 80-90% humidity at all times, or run the humidifier on medium or low 24/7.

LIGHT tells your mushrooms where to grow. We recommend low-power LED or Fluorescent 6500K temp lights.

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