When you’re ready to get growing, GardenTap is here for you with expert, friendly help.Whether you’re an experienced grower with a large commercial operation, or a hobbyist planning your first project, we can cut through the clutter of huge garden centers and confusing online sites with curated solutions and key resources that provide everything you need in a single, convenient place.

Our online marketplace was created with you in mind, and our garden experts have used their decades of cultivation experience to select just the right kind of proven, high-quality, and economical products to meet your particular needs.

Starting a new garden? We’ll help from the ground up. Got a pest problem? We have safe, effective solutions. Confused by claims about nutrients and supplements? Let our expertise point you in the right direction.

We’re proud to be your growing partner, and we’re dedicated to making your gardening experience easy, successful, and fun. If you’re all set to get your hands dirty and enjoy the lasting satisfaction that only a garden can offer, then let’s get growing together!


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Kits & Bundles

GardenTap Grow Kit Geopot and nutrients

Starting a new growing project can be intimidating. With so many varieties of pots, fertilizers, nutrients, and methods to choose from, how do you know where to start? At GardenTap, we like to make things easy, which is why we’ve assembled a comprehensive lineup of Grow Kits to get you set up with everything you need in one box, while saving money! Whether you’re setting up a greenhouse grow, preparing a backyard garden, or looking for an all-in-one solution that will take you from seed to harvest, we’ve packaged some of our most popular products into handy starter bundles to get you growing at a discount!

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Pots & Planters

Healthy plants thrive in two GeoPot Fabric Pots, including one with a Velcro seam for easy transplanting

To grow perfect plants, you need the perfect pots — and GardenTap offers only the best in planters and containers to give you the high-quality results you’re looking for. The curated choices of our expert team feature a range of options, from the full line of durable GeoPot Fabric Pot products to raised beds that give you innovative growing options in a variety of sizes. These versatile selections are often more economical than traditional pots and planters and offer other key benefits, such as the air pruning of roots that helps your plants create a healthier root system. Whether you’re growing indoors or out, in a greenhouse or on your patio, shop here to find the right containers that will fit your needs and keep your garden thriving.

Plant Propagation Supplies

The hand of a gardener checks new plants thriving from 3 IHORT Q Plugs inisde a larger tray of Q Plugs

For any grower, the right propagation supplies are a vital first step in establishing a healthy garden. The experts at GardenTap have drawn on their experience to select the most effective propagation solutions to ensure a successful start for your plants. The products in this section take the guesswork out of creating an ideal environment for young plants, simplify the transplanting process, and set your garden up for a strong and healthy growing season. No matter what your eventual growing environment may be, this selection of propagation supplies ensures your garden will get off to the best start possible.

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Nutrients, Supplements & Plant Fertilizer

A gardener adds Earth Alive Soil Activtator before a transplant to help break down organic matter and boost nitrogen

To really get growing, it’s important to understand how nutrients and supplements can benefit your garden, but the variety of products designed to address specific needs or growth stages can seem overwhelming. That’s where GardenTap’s expert team comes in. We’ve leveraged our years of cultivation experience to cut through the confusion and create our specially curated Nutrients and Supplements section, giving you a selection of the highest performing products that are both effective and safe. From beneficial bacteria additives to cutting-edge organic blends, we’ve chosen formulations that have been tested and proven, with clear guidelines for using them to get the results you want. When your garden needs a special boost, shopping this GardenTap section is like having a personal gardening guru as your guide.

Greenhouse Supplies

Thriving green plants shown inside a greenhouse covered with Sungrower Greenhouse Poly

Setting up a greenhouse properly to provide your plants with excellent airflow, the right temperature, and the best humidity balance can be a challenge, whether you’re working in a single backyard hoop house or overseeing a large growing operation with several structures. That’s where GardenTap’s curated selection of tried and tested greenhouse supplies can make all the difference. Our knowledgeable experts have selected only the best and most effective products in this category, including greenhouse poly films, weed barriers, privacy screens, shade cloths, and ground cover. We’ll help you control your greenhouse environment to make sure your garden stays healthy and rewards you with a robust harvest. No matter what your growing goals are, when it comes to greenhouses, GardenTap has you covered inside and out.

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Pest Management Supplies

When your garden has a pest problem, you need solutions that are quick and effective — but also safe for you and your plants. The experts here at GardenTap understand all the issues related to pest management, and we’ve put together a selection of innovative products to help you. This curated section offers the tools you’ll need to battle insect invasions without doing damage to fragile flowers or plants. The organic formulations we’ve chosen provide concentrated power that kills pests, but won’t hurt bees or other beneficial insects. These proven pest fighters are versatile, can be applied in a variety of ways, and can be effective for gardens of any scale. Whether you’re dealing with mildew or trying to fight off legions of spider mites, GardenTap has the pest management products that will make the difference, safely.

Plant Accessories & Supplies

A gardener works with Sungrower trellis netting, which has double-reinforced perimeters to increase its load-bearing weight

No matter how long you’ve been growing, or what you’re planning to cultivate, the right accessories are key to success. GardenTap’s experts know how important these ancillary supplies can be, and we’ve chosen products that are proven to be effective and easy to use. Since our team has vetted all of these items, you can shop this section with confidence to find exactly what you need to give your garden the extra edge that results in a lush and bountiful harvest.

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Harvest Tools & Products

A gardener carries a weaved basket with a robust harvest of healthy produce inside

Harvest time is when all your hard work pays off, so it’s vital that you have the right tools and accessories to make the most of your buds and blooms. Our garden experts have selected only the best harvest supplies to take you from trimming to storage, ensuring your plants and flowers are easily and properly processed and preserved. GardenTap offers a wide array of innovative solutions that range from easy-to-use manual trimmers to robust storage bags and specially-designed drying racks. Each product has been hand-picked to meet your harvesting needs and offers dependable performance that has been proven in the field. Ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Shop here and let GardenTap help you get the most from your harvest!

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