Super Fresh Vacuum Seal Bags

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Two rolls of SuperFresh Seal Bags displayed vertically, one labeled '15 in x 50 feet' and the other '11.5 in x 50 feet,' both in clear material. Each roll is labeled with the brand's logo, product details, and features such as freezer and microwave safe, food-grade material, and compatibility with most commercial vacuum sealers. The packaging also indicates that the product is BPA-free.
SUPERFRESH Vacuum Seal Bag Rolls
A stack of clear SuperFresh Seal Bags, super thick and suitable for vacuum sealing, each measuring 11.5x22 inches. The stack is sealed and carries a label featuring the SuperFresh logo with green leaves, detailed product information, and a QR code.
SUPERFRESH Vacuum Seal Bags 11.5 x 22 in – (100 ct)
A pack of clear, super thick SuperFresh Seal Bags designed for vacuum sealing, with dimensions of 15x18 inches. The pack has a white label showing the SuperFresh logo adorned with green leaves and product details, including a QR code, on a clear background.
SUPERFRESH Vacuum Seal Bags 15 x 18 in – (100 ct)
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