DragonStone Heirloom Seeds

Start your garden off right with DragonStone Seeds, which offers a variety of heirloom seeds that adhere to their regenerative farming practices and help preserve biodiversity.


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Product Features List
  • 1-2 OZ package of seeds
  • 90-95% germination rate
  • Heirloom Varieties available: Black Beauty Zucchini, Jack O Lantern Pumpkin, White Argent Corn, Detroit Red Beets, Blue Lake Beans, Italian Green Basil, Bloomsdale Spinach, and Super Sugar Snap Peas.

DragonStone Seeds has served farmers for 25 years and is based out of the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in offering commercial grade heirloom and open pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for home use. In addition, they carry some select high-quality hybrid seeds developed for specific areas and growing conditions. They do not support or carry genetically altered seeds.

DragonStone Seeds believes in preserving the biodiversity of seeds and regenerative farming methods to help restore balance to the natural world.

Variations Available: 

Heirloom Seeds – Black Beauty Zucchini – 1 OZ 

Description: 45 Day Heat Lover – 95% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin – 1 OZ 

Description: 100 Day 15 Lbs. Fruit – 90% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – White Argent Corn – 1.5 OZ 

Description: 85 Day Heat Lover – 95% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – Detroit Red Beets – 1 OZ 

Description: 59 Day – 3″ Ball – 90% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – Blue Lake Bean – 2 OZ 

Description: 55 Day – 2 FT. – 90% Germination 

Heirloom Seeds – Italian Green Basil – 2 OZ 

Description: 75 Day Heat Lover 95% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – Bloomsdale Spinach – 1 OZ 

Description: 30 Day – Spring or Fall – 95% Germination

Heirloom Seeds – Super Sugar Snap Peas – 2 OZ 

Description: 64 Day – 6 Ft. – 90% Germination


Please select a variation to see its technical specifications


Sow seeds according to package instructions based on the individual seed type.

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