Before You Grow Products

Getting ready to start a new project? Expanding your garden? Ready to add some new elements to your space? Start here to find all the products you need to prepare your garden for maximum beauty and fantastic yields. Explore our experts’ picks for the best containers, soil, nutrients, and supplies. Shop Now

Plant Propagation Kits and Supplies

All success in the garden begins with solid, healthy plants. Get yours off to a great start with our curated collection of propagation supplies. Here you’ll discover the best media, nutrients, and containers to get your clones, seeds, and cuttings off on the right foot. We’ve also got what you need to safely harden young plants prior to planting to help them successfully adapt after transplanting. Shop Now

Growth / Vegetative Stage

All good gardeners know that the growth phase sets the state for a successful harvest later on. Our collection of proven products helps your plants grow up sturdy and strong to support heavy harvests, with a robust root system ready to take up nutrients. Check out our recommendations for the best vegetative nutrients, organic pest-control products, support structures and defoliation supplies. Shop Now

Flowering Stage

No matter what you’re growing, more flowers equals more beauty and better yields. In this curated collection, you’ll find all you need to encourage abundant flowering and impressive fruit set. Explore our experts’ favorite nutrients and supplies to support your plants during the most demanding phases of their growth cycle. Shop Now

Harvest Stage Tools

Is there anything better than the feeling of accomplishment when your hard work in the garden results in a spectacular harvest? (We don’t think so, either!) Our collection of proven harvest products includes a wide array of outstanding products to make harvesting, sorting, separating, preserving, and storing your harvest easy and fun. Shop Now

Maintenance Products

Our experts know that your garden is always in flux as the seasons progress, so we’ve pulled together an assortment of useful supplies to help keep your growing area neat and tidy. Browse our selection of expert-recommended products perfect with cleanup, organization campaigns, and general maintenance of your plants, all year round. Shop Now

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