Organic Growing Method Products

When all-natural is how you roll, you want organic products that really perform. Our expert growers have collected their favorite organic-certified soil amendments, nutrients, and pest-control products to support your efforts toward eco-safe, sustainable growing practices. Try out our recommendations and enjoy better results and greater peace of mind! Shop Now

Conventional Growing Method Products

Tested, tried, and true—if it isn’t broke, right? Here at GardenTap, we carry a full selection of proven nutrients, effective pest-control products, and conventional solutions ideal for gardeners working on a large scale. Explore our curated selection of nutrients—fast acting, powerful supplements designed to treat plant deficiencies and provide specific growth benefits, or browse through our selection of expert-recommended hydroponic growing supplies. We’re happy to serve all your conventional gardening needs with high-quality solutions. Shop Now

Soil Growing Method Products

You take pride in being a soil—or soilless!—savant and recognize the importance of a solid foundation to the success of your plants. It’s an approach we truly respect; that’s why we’ve gathered up our favorites that are compatible with both soil and soilless grow media. You’ll find an impressive mix of both organic and conventional solutions, including nutrients, amendments, and the right containers to help you successfully grow a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and plants. Shop Now

Hydroponic Growing Method Products

Water is life, and hydroponic practices save space, conserve water, and grow healthier plants with higher yields. Win-win-win. We’ve created a special curated list of all our experts’ picks for the right nutrients, grow media, and containers ideal for hydroponic grow systems. We also offer professionally tested irrigation supplies, so you can create your perfect setup, and the indoor supplies and accessories to maximize your success using this proven approach to growing your favorites. Shop Now

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