Liquid Bloom Boosters: Hydroponic Nutrients for the Flowering Phase

For growers looking for flexibility and adaptability out of their grow, hydroponic systems can’t be beat. With a myriad of options available, growers can adjust their nutrients to their liking and ensure that they get the results they want out of their plants. By adding liquid nutrients and supplements directly to the water or reservoir, they can coax bigger yields and better buds out of their crops. 

While base nutrients are always important, there are some additives called bloom boosters that help maximize the development of flowers and buds! 

Check out our favorites to boost your hydroponic grow to the next level:

Green Planet Nutrients

Massive Bloom

As the name suggests, Massive Bloom is designed to promote, well, MASSIVE blooms! Its unique vitamin formula is blended with carbohydrates, a chelated mineral profile, and key nutrients, all of which work together to create the foundation for flowers, buds, and blooms you’ll be proud of. 

Liquid Weight

When you want spectacular flowers and buds, it’s important to remember that plants expend a lot of energy producing floral sites and fruiting bodies. That’s where Liquid Weight comes in, giving your plants and beneficial microbes in the soil a carbohydrate food source that results in larger, high-quality yields.

Karbo Boost

Your plants work hard when flowering and fruiting, and they need the extra energy that comes from Karbo Boost. This special formulation uses naturally occurring carbohydrates to enhance microbes in the soil and provide sugars typically produced through photosynthesis to the plant directly during flowering. Less work for your plants, so they can focus on producing quality flowers and yields.


Your plants need an energy boost to produce the larger buds and flowers you’re looking for, and Horti-rawK is a one-of-a-kind additive. It provides a large potassium dose, resulting in stronger, healthier plants that will support heavy fruiting and flowering. Your plants will look like they’ve been in their own weight training program.

Boost Any Grow

Did you know that you can use hydroponic nutrients in your soil and organic grows too? Growing organically is great for nurturing the plant, soil, and environment, but it can be limited when it comes to the high demand for P and K in the bloom stage. These supplements will pack a punch in any grow, and if you’re open to setting up a hybrid program, you can reap the benefits of a well-supported soil-based grow and the bloom-boosting capabilities of hydroponics, too!

It’s time to boost your blooms! Get going with these great products, or find out what’s best for your style on our How You Grow page. Want to learn more about the flowering stage? Check out our blog for more tips and tricks to rocking this phase of your plant’s life cycle.

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