Here Comes the Sun: 7 Great Products for Spring Planting

Spring is the magical time when we emerge from our winter cocoons, embrace the warm sunshine, and head back out into the garden with glee. In short, we love it! If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you prepare for the new growing season, we’ve gathered some of our favorite products that make spring planting a success. We hope you find something here to level up this year’s grow.

IHORT Propagation Kit

Whether you’re planting from seeds or clones, you’ll need a good first home for your plants. That’s where the IHORT Propagation Kit comes in! This handy dandy kit contains 50 Q Plugs made of peat moss, coco fiber, and biochar, which provide an ideal growing environment, speed up root growth, and increase transplant success.

Also included is a 50-cell plug tray and convenient carrier tray to make handling and transport a snap! Just drop your favorite seeds into the plugs, keep them moist, and watch the magic happen!

GeoPot Fabric Pots

When you’re ready to move your babies up to the big time, give them the best chance of thriving with GeoPot fabric pots! These awesome growing containers are made of a non-woven geotextile fabric that offers improved aeration, superior drainage, and a phenomenon known as air root pruning.

What the heck is air root pruning? Well, when the roots reach the edge of the breathable fabric container, they self-prune and trigger the growth of many more fibrous feeder roots. More roots mean your plant will be able to absorb a LOT more nutrients in the soil, leading to vigorous growth and bigger yields!

GeoPlanter Raised Beds

If you want all the benefits of the GeoPot Fabric Pot, but in the shape and structure of a conventional garden bed, boy do we have good news for you!

GeoPot also makes GeoPlanter raised beds with the same geotextile fabric, held together with a sturdy PVC frame. If you grow with the optional attachable Trellis Kit, you’ll really be the envy of your neighborhood!


More great news: Contrary to popular belief, growing organic doesn’t have to be complicated! That’s all thanks to Geoflora, an easy-to-use, organic fertilizing system made of 19 natural ingredients and beneficial bacteria. Geoflora is designed to encourage vigorous growth and boost yields while cutting costs by 20% or more! Plus, its dust-free, granular form makes it safe and simple to apply. No coughing required!

To make things even better, Geoflora comes in two forms. Geoflora VEG is designed to provide a robust growth of roots, stems, and leaves in the vegetative stage, while Geoflora BLOOM provides the perfect mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to support the transition to flowering. Growers are catching on to the simplicity and effectiveness of Geoflora, so grab some today and go organic!


One outstanding product that has been attracting a LOT of buzz lately is DYNOMYCO, a top-quality mycorrhizal inoculant that is specifically targeted to boost the growth and yields of cannabis plants.

DYNOMYCO beats the competitors with up to 3 times the concentration of endomycorrhizal propagules at 900 per gram, ensuring the successful colonization of plant roots at a lower cost. Just put some in the soil at transplant time and it will establish a vibrant network of microbial life working just for the benefit of your plants. It’s no wonder growers love this product!

Earth Alive Soil Activator

Earth Alive Soil Activator is a biofertilizer that wakes up the soil with its blend of naturally occurring microorganisms and all-natural forestry byproducts.

Soil Activator breaks down organic matter and mobilizes nutrients to give yields a turbo boost. This easy-to-use amendment can be applied to soil or coco growing media for increased nutrient uptake, making it an ideal additive for growers of all types. We totally understand if you shout “SOIL, ACTIVATE!” when you use this product.


Want a hassle-free way to manage the watering needs of your plants? We thought so! Check out the Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold and you may never go back to that boring old hose.

Designed by irrigation professionals (apparently, that’s a thing), Octo-Flow lets you literally dial in your desired flow rate of water or nutrients, putting you in complete control. Water with Octo-Flow and feel like a god.

Spring Fever

If you’re getting ready to dig into spring planting, we really hope you’ve found something on this list to make things easier and more productive. These are just some of our favorites, but be sure to check out our How You Grow page to find even more great products hand-picked for your location and growing style!

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