Get Your Bloom On with These Incredible Nutrients

It’s almost time to start transitioning your plants to the flowering phase, and that means a shift in their nutritional needs. While plants in the vegetative stage require a lot of nitrogen and moderate potassium and phosphorus, plants that have started to bloom require less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium to support flower and fruit development. 

It’s best practice to pivot your feeding schedule along with your plants’ changing needs, which is why we’ve collected an assortment of bloom-boosting fertilizers and supplements to supercharge your plants and ensure a successful flowering stage and an awesome harvest. 

Bloom nutrients, like flowers, come in many shapes and sizes. At GardenTap, we only suggest the very best products that we love to use ourselves! 

Take a look at our favorite Bloom Boosting nutrients:

Geoflora Nutrients

Geoflora BLOOM

Geoflora BLOOM is a super easy-to-apply fertilizer that can be added at the first sign of blooms, giving your plants the slow-release phosphorus and reduced nitrogen they need to help them through their last bit of growth. This organic blend of nutrients easily replaces salt-based conventional options, saving your plants from potential chemical burns while supporting abundant fruit and flowers. Geoflora BLOOM plays nice with other nutrients and supplements so it’s simple AND SAFE!

Aurora Innovations

Buddha Bloom

Buddha Bloom gives your plants a boost during their flowering stages, leading to healthier plants and flowers. You can feel zen about using Buddha Bloom because the harvest of its organic ingredients helps provide stable livelihoods for the people that sustainably extract these key high-end nutrients. Support your garden AND communities around the world? BONUS.


CalMag is a special flowering supplement that gives your plants additional calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, which are often overlooked when it comes to supporting heavy feeding plants. This supplement is easy to use along with quality fertilizers such as Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom for a full range of support for your flowering plant buddies.


The HP2 formula is based on years of gardening experience, so you don’t have to worry about figuring this stuff out yourself. It pulls on the power of natural phosphorus found in seabird guano (ewww) to create a synergistic blend with biogenic phosphate rock. This powerful mix will truly make a difference in your fruits and flowers, without buying your own seabirds.


In addition to the natural phosphorus found in seabird guano and phosphate rock, HPK gives you EVEN MORE flower power, including nutrients such as potassium and magnesium from langbeinite, which is mined from the ancient sea beds of the American southwest. You can’t go wrong with this easy-to-use powerhouse product.


Trinity is a staple supplement that offers a huge boost with a variety of natural ingredients that give your plants everything they need. This nutrient brings the trifecta of perfect plant nutrients, including complex carbohydrates, growth-boosting nutrients, and humic acids to aid in the uptake of micronutrients. Using Trinity will help to reduce stress on your plants while also boosting root growth and increasing yield. More yield? Yes, please.



A cutting-edge additive that’s easy to incorporate into your growing regimen, Terpinator enhances terpene and resin production with an essential blend of nutrients. Although not designed for foliar application, it can be used during each feeding, making it easy for you to maximize the potential of your plants. Get Terpinator to get more terps!


Got Purple? Based on some of the same technology pioneered by its popular predecessor Terpinator, Purpinator’s all-natural formulation helps to increase the production of anthocyanins, terpenes, and secondary metabolites without inducing stress or modifying the growing environment. Did you want more purple? Purpinator has you covered. 

Green Planet Nutrients

Massive Bloom

Massive Bloom is designed to promote, well, MASSIVE blooms! Its unique vitamin formula is blended with carbohydrates, a chelated mineral profile, and key nutrients, all of which work together to create the foundation for flowers, buds, and blooms you’ll be proud of. 

Liquid Weight

When you want spectacular flowers and buds, it’s important to remember that plants expend a lot of energy producing floral sites and fruiting bodies. That’s where Liquid Weight comes in, giving your plants and beneficial microbes in the soil a carbohydrate food source that results in larger, high-quality yields

Karbo Boost

Your plants work hard when flowering and fruiting and they need the extra energy that comes from Karbo Boost. This special formulation uses naturally occurring carbohydrates to enhance microbes in the soil and provide sugars normally produced through photosynthesis to the plant directly during flowering. Less work for your plants, so they can focus on producing quality flowers and yields.


Your plants need an energy boost to produce the larger buds and flowers you’re looking for, and Horti-rawK is a one-of-a-kind additive. It provides a large potassium dose, resulting in stronger, healthier plants that will support heavy fruiting and flowering. Your plants will look like they’ve been in their own weight training program.


If aromatic flowers and full-flavored fruits are your growing goal, Rezin amplifies natural processes and increases essential oil and resin production in your plants. Yummmm. Used during the transition and flowering phases, it helps convert nitrates into nitrogen and amino acids to strengthen roots and reduce plant stress.

To Bloom Boost or not to Bloom Boost?

We vote: BLOOM BOOST! At GardenTap we make it easy to pick the right products for How You Grow, and part of that is knowing what’s best for boosting your plants during the flowering stage. We hope this list of awesome bloom nutrients helps you narrow down your choice so that you can start pumping up your plants for an incredible season ahead.

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